Why this project exists?

Science communication can empower people.

Once we understand how science works, and we learn to tell gossip from trustable facts, we can make better choices and feel secure about them. This is why I believe that SciComm and outreach are so important in our society because it protects us from manipulation.

Although we have amazing communicators doing their jobs in SciComm, we need scientists to help us with this mission. But there is a gap there: scientists are not trained to communicate their work to non-specialists (which can be really hard!), and they often think they can’t do it. Also, they feel discouraged to do SciComm because they don’t associate it with concrete benefits to their careers.

“But could we deny ourselves to the crowd and still remain scientists?”
– Bertolt Brecht, The Life of Galileo

SciComm is an interdisciplinary field and this is how this project was born: why not gather people with different skills to build a comprehensive SciComm workshop aimed at young scientists?

IGNITE is a completly open project, and you can copy, contribute, replicate, reproduce, cut it in half, glue it together, put some glitter on it… and make it even better! Here you can find resources to promote a fun Science Communication workshop (or even study by yourself!).
SciComm is the diffusion of knowledge, and the communication of science and technology among professionals and to the public. Therefore, in this workshop you will find resources to better communicate with non-specialists, and this includes also other scientists.
So if you love SciComm and Outreach, jump right in and I am certain that you will find something useful in this repository.

To read more about contribution, go to our Contribution Guidelines, our Code of Conduct and our Roadmap.


The co-leads

Gracielle Higino

I am a grad student from Brazil and I’ve been concerned about SciComm for years. When I was a teenager (already dreaming about being a scientist), I thought that would be great to write about science, and make it fun and accessible. Then I grew up, became a scientist, and now I write and talk about it! As most scientists, I was not trained to do it, but fortunately I’ve met amazing people in my journey who helped me. That’s why this project is so important to me!

Maria Letícia Bonatelli

I am a postdoc from Brazil and the focus of my research is on scientific journalism. As you can imagine, SciComm and Science Journalism is huge part of my life. I am particularly interested in inspiring and empowering scientists to do SciComm in a fun, informative and interesting way. But this is a huge challenge and we are not supposed to do it alone. That’s why IGNITE is such an important initiative and that’s also why I immediately accepted Gracielle’s invitation to be part of this project!